What The Triple Crown Would Mean For Alonso's Legacy

As Le Mans gets underway the triple crown will be in the back of Alonso's mind, but where would that put him among the greats?

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Alonso will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greats. His career in F1 has been up and down as he has been fairly unlucky with his car's performance recently. This takes nothing away from his back to back titles with Renault in '05 and '06, when he won both titles against one of the all time greats, Michael Schumacher.

Alonso isn't afraid to talk up how he feels about his driving ability. He believes he is already one of the greats in the history of F1, but since his move to McLaren he has failed to make the podium once. Recently, he has turned to other racing series to find his way back to the top step.

Last year, he shocked the world of motorsport with his announcement that he would skip the Monaco GP to race in the Indy 500. His ultimate goal was to win the triple crown, which is a win in Monaco, the Indy 500, and Le mans. Alonso has only completed one stage so far, as Graham Hill remains the only driver to complete this impressive feat.

Alonso appears to be trying to prove something and add to his legacy. He has been robbed of the opportunity to win more world championships thanks to poor cars and understands it will be impossible to win a race with McLaren anytime soon. As an elite competitor, he has the motivation to win at all costs and in order to do this he raced in other series, besides F1.

At last years Indy 500, he was in contention for the win when his Honda engine failed and he was forced to retire. He had impressed throughout the race as he led for large stints and qualified in the top ten. He promised he would return eventually and next year could be his best chance.

McLaren are heavily rumored to be interested in an Indycar entry next year, which could be the perfect place for Alonso to race full time. It has already been rumored Alonso is considering switching to Indycar full time at the end of the season.

Later today, he will start from pole in the Le Mans 24 hour race where he could complete the second part of his triple crown bid. The Toyota has been dominant in WEC so far this year, and as long as there aren't any major drama Alonso, Buemi, and Nakajima should cruise to victory.

If Alonso can complete the triple crown it would set him apart from even the most talented drivers. The ability to complete such a feat in modern motorsport would be an incredible accomplishment. When Graham Hill completed the triple crown racing drivers competed in multiple racing series at a time regularly. Nowadays drivers specialize in a specific discipline which makes Alonso's attempt even more impressive. He is currently competing in the full WEC calendar, along with his campaign in Formula One.

The triple crown would add something to his résumé that other F1 greats can't boast. It would also solidify him as one of the greatest drivers in racing overall.

How do you think the triple crown will effect people's opinion of Fernando Alonso? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to bump.

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  • Since the Triple Crown is a very prestigious achievement Alonso will become a global legend. Someone who has proven to be a winner in a different motorsports. Even more so when Alonso achieves championship titles in both LMP1 WEC and IndyCar eventually which I am sure will be his next goal after the Triple Crown wins.

      2 years ago
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