What This Tribe Tribes For.

If you've joined this tribe, welcome, and thank you. I just want to lay out a few simple guidelines. Largely this group's mission is very open and vague. I have only a few requests as tribe leader:

*Make/repost articles and posts about cars 25 years old or older.

*Don't make/repost articles and posts about cars less than 25 years old.

*Don't spam the group with many multiple posts everyday. Pace yourself, or if you really have to - make ONE BIG post. If you're sharing multiple posts from other tribes, just take care you're not sharing posts that are all about more or less the same thing (or have been shared before).

That's pretty much it. Have fun. Post about your car. Working on your car. Driving your car. Washing your car. An old car you saw. A show you went to. A rare part you finally found. All of those things are part of the nostalgic car life. Don't forget to comment - encourage others, bump their post if you like what you've seen or read. Feel free to repost articles from this tribe to other tribes. Have a good time here.

Finally found that perfect Marchal fog lamp for your vintage Porsche? Tell us about fitting and wiring it in!

Working on your vintage beater? Tell us about the whole ordeal!

Spot a cool old car on the street? Post about it here!

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