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    What to wear on your feet as a petrolhead

    Not limited-edition '911 Turbo' sneakers

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    It stunned the world with its prodigious performance and just as prodigious rear wing in 1975, and in celebration of the 45 years since, Porsche has released a special edition of the latest 911 Turbo model.

    No, they've made some colourful sneakers.

    Puma already supplies the fire-proof clothing, shoes, and luggage for the Porsche racing team, and so the two of them obviously thought it wouldn't be too much of a stretch if they came together and made something for the average enthusiast.

    The Future Rider shoe was chosen to represent the first four air-cooled generations and the more modern Speedcat for the last four water-cooled. The colours are matched to the hero colour of each model, including Riviera Blue, Guards Red, Saffron Yellow Metallic, and GT Silver Metallic, and then they are further trimmed with coloured bits and a Porsche logo on each side.

    For instance, the 996 model is silver with orange tabs designed to tie in with the car's brake calipers. The resemblance is uncanny.

    Usually this sort of thing stops with branded caps, T-shirts, and maybe socks, and with good reason. If all of that doesn't already, any more definitely verges on the tacky.

    These 911 Turbo sneakers get even worse. Production of each pair is limited to 500 with prices starting at $150 US. And on the 16th of November, the Porsche Design website will only give you 2.7 seconds to place your order, because that's how quickly the latest 911 Turbo gets to 100 km/h.

    You can read the full story by Mason Bloom here, but I'm here to offer some other, more tasteful ways men or women can use their feet to show their love for cars.

    Yes, I know - you're not meant to wear them with socks

    Yes, I know - you're not meant to wear them with socks

    Scarpa Auto

    In 1963, the Italian gentleman in his Ferrari was finding the footwell a little cramped for his chunky brogues. And so one of the local cobblers by the name of Gianni Mostile took the lightweight moccasin and added little rubber bumps to the sole and heel. He called it "Car Shoe" and it meant you could feel everything and not slip around on the pedals.

    Plenty of companies make what are now known as "driving shoes", but the only trouble is that your in-laws and other plebs routinely mistake them for slippers.

    The unadulterated versions

    The unadulterated versions

    Puma Speedcat

    As you probably know, Puma was formed when the Dassler brothers in Germany had a tiff and decided to go their own way, Adolf starting Adidas and Rudolf, Puma.

    Given this is described as a "first step in a long history driven by speed and performance", it was only a matter of time before motorsport became involved. In the early '80s, they were the first sportswear brand to make shoes for a Formula One driver.

    The lap record at the Nurburgring for 35 years was 6:11.13, and this was set by Stefan Bellof in 1983. He was wearing a pair of Puma boots. The Speedcat was based on these and has been one of their most successful shoes.

    Today, it's available in both high- and low-top forms, in black, red, or light grey. I may have had a pair in a cart once, before my wife informed me they were a bit "douchey".


    This Californian company emerged in 1999 exclusively offering shoes for driving. It then disappeared before new owners from Canada brought it back to life.

    Performance, Casual, and Luxury are the three product lines, but given the Performance ones are lined with fire-retardant and certified with the FIA and Luxury goes well into the realm of $400 US, we need only consider the Casual. These have a tyre-tread pattern on the sole, and unlike the other driving shoes we've looked at, are said to more comfortable when you're not driving.

    Now, you may be the sort who just grabs whatever is closest to the top of the drawer, squirms on the sneakers that are gently rotting by the front door, and gets on with it. In which case, you'll be making 'humph' noises and comments about all of this being a playboy's faff.

    But hold that thought. Because very often you'll find yourself, along with many other petrolheads, holding a song and dance over manual gearboxes, how electric cars don't make any noise, and whether a 911 engine is better cooled by water or not.

    Wearing the right shoes should be simply another step in the perceived direction of "the fizz".

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    • To be honest I don't understand why so much thought is being put into shoes, I like a good pair of sturdy yet good looking shoes but I don't understand limited edition shoes or shoes that are made in partnership with a car company. They are SHOES for god's sake.

        7 days ago
    • All I need is my Crocs.

        4 days ago
    • Just bought these sparco boots

        7 days ago
    • I have slip-on driving shoes similar to the pick you posted. I keep them in my car and always wear them. Yep, I’m that guy.

        6 days ago
      • 4 days ago


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