What Tool Do you always need but never have?

We've all been there. You need a tool but you forget to buy it before you need it again.

4y ago

It seems like whenever I start a car project I prepare a list. First off is always the build list. What parts am I going to order, where am I going to order them from, what is this all going to cost me, and what is my timeline?

Something that I also go over before the build is "do I have all the tools that I need for this project?" Welder- check. Paint gun- check. Socket set- check... Well except for that 10mm which may or may not be there when I go to find it. Otherwise, I think that I have it down.

Then it happens, you get to that one point, and it is never an easy walk away point, where you need a tool that you inexplicably don't have. You were going to buy it, it was going to be on sale soon, and you forgot. The parts store is closed, it's Saturday night so they may not even be open tomorrow, and everyone else has gone to bed because they are tired of working on your car.

Have you been in this situation? What tool did you forget? Let's hear it in the comments. Maybe we can get a quick trade going!

As always, get out there, get those knuckles bloody, and build yourself the car of your dreams.

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