What type of car owner are you?

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Where do you keep your cars?

  • In a garage! Where else would I store them...
  • Cars? You mean my Ninja 250R?
  • Out on the lawn. Wow, I really need to mow that soon....

How regularly do you service your cars?

  • Whenever I am due for one.
  • Whenever I spot something wrong
  • When I'm desperate
  • I service my 250R when my service center says so.

What is your top tip to keep your cars in good shape?

  • Always service! It keeps the parts fresh!
  • Don't crash 'em into ya' trees in the yard.
  • Don't drive too crazily. A car is for getting from A-B.
  • Treat it well!

Which set of these describes your driving style?

  • Start Up: Let it sit for 5min to warm. Driving: Careful but with haste.
  • Start Up: Up & Go Driving: Reckless and endangering.
  • Start Up: Let it sit for 5min to warm. Driving: Careful but well executed in all situations.

Finally: How many cars do you think is a reasonable amount for a car enthusiast?

  • 1 - That is all you need.
  • As many as they desire!
  • None. Bikes do me.

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