What Vipemobile is right for you?

3d ago

You can order your personal Vipemobile by DMing me or commenting your order on a Vipemobile post, for more information about the models go to the Vipemobile site: https://vincenth0410.wixsite.com/vipemobile

What engine do you want in your Vipemobile?

  • V8 baby!
  • V12!
  • V6!

Are you a big fan of wagons or shooting brakes?

  • Yes, my name is literally Lukas Shepherd.
  • I don't mind them.
  • No, I usually prefer a sedan or coupe to their long-roof versions.

Should your Vipemobile be rather sporty, luxurious or practical?

  • Sporty!
  • Luxurious!
  • Practical!

What type of car do you want?

  • Coupe!
  • Sedan!
  • Truck!
  • Supercar!
  • Wagon!
  • Shooting brake!
  • SUV!
  • Minivan!
  • Convertible!
  • Hatchback!

Do you want to go offroad in your Vipemobile?

  • Heck yeah!
  • I'll stick to the roads.

How many people should fit into your Vipemobile (on its seats)?

  • Two seats are enough
  • Four
  • Five
  • Seven

Where do you rather want to drive your Vipemobile?

What size would you like your Vipemobile to have?

  • It should be the biggest car for miles! (Or kilometers for Ferdi)
  • It should be big from the outside but inside I don't need a lot of space.
  • I'd like to have a rather compact car but still want quite a lot of room inside.
  • Average size for its class is good for me.

Do you want a long wheelbase car?

  • No thanks.
  • Yeah!

Do you like tailfins?

  • Yessssss!
  • No.

Do you want your Vipemobile to be good in towing trailers?

  • No, I don't want to tow trailers.
  • Yes, my car should be able to tow a caravan or horse trailer from time to time.
  • I need to tow huge trailers with heavy loads.

Would you like to go on long road trips with your Vipemobile?

  • Yes I would.
  • No, I prefer shorter drives.

Do you prefer driving yourself or hiring a chauffeur?

  • I want to be behind the steering wheel!
  • I rather sitting in the back.

Do you want huge sidepipes?

  • Of course!
  • No, I'm not a truck driver!

Would you like to stand out with your Vipemobile?

  • Yeah everyone has to notice me!
  • No thanks, I'd rather to be a part of the masses.

Pick an animal!

How much trunk space do you want?

  • Very much! I need room for suitcases, cupboards, my house....
  • I need to transport quite a lot of shopping bags and maybe some suitcases when on vacation.
  • When I go shopping I want to store a bag of chips and maybe some fruit gums for my health in my trunk.
  • Why would I need trunk space?

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