A two seat, roofless car, based on the mechanicals of the Punto. No roof was provided, minimal weather protection was designed alongside a waterproof interior. Interestingly the seats were fixed, with the pedals and steering wheel being adjustable.

Fiat Scia - full size model, 1993

The Fiat SCIA was introduced on the Turin Motor Show of 1993 as a try-out for the public of the upcoming barchetta (to be introduced 2 years later).

Fiat Scia - full size model, 1993

Designers John Kinsey and Darren Caddesl of Fiat's Centro Stile have taken the boat-design to extremes.

Fiat Scia - models / drawings, 1993

Styling cues are shown to the unsuspecting audience, like the uprising mirrors, or the three-dial dashboard.

Fiat Scia, 1993

Others, like the cut-off windows can be found in the Stola's Dedica.

Fiat Scia, 1993

This Punto based car was built by Ilcas and Maggiora, who are also responsible for the current barchetta.

Fiat Scia - interior, 1993

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  • Nice post! I didn't know there was such interesting prototypic for the Barchetta

    1 year ago


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