What was the best Season in F1 History?

1y ago


Formula 1 may be the greatest sport in the world but even the most ardent fan would agree that some seasons are better than others. So what was the best season in F1 history? What was the best era in the sport? It seems everyone has an opinion.

Fernando Alonso made his position clear when he described the generally popular Prost/Senna era of the 80s and 90s as “boring” and the noughties as being the greatest ever era. Is he right? How well do more recent seasons stack up?

Here at F1 Bytes we like to lean heavily on the hard data before making bold claims about who, what, where or when is the best in F1. So we’ve crunched the numbers.

Click here to read on. The results may surprise you…

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  • Can I add, your website is great 👍🏻 The link using my iPhone via the DT app seems to miss a chart but viewing your website via a separate browser window, it all works perfectly.

    1 year ago
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    • Thanks heaps for your message Michelle and for the feedback on the chart. Hope you also enjoy our planned upcoming pieces!

      1 year ago
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  • Great analysis guys. Hit all my nerd buttons yet again 🤓

    1 year ago
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