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    What was your favourite announcement from Apple's 'One More Thing' event?
    • Apple's new M1 Silicon chip for Macs
    • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro 13"
    • IOS apps on Macs
    • Fanless MacBook Air (M1)
    • New Mac Mini (M1)
    • Big Sur Mac update (coming November 12th)
    • The fact Craig got frisky with a MacBook Air
    • The man at the end who looked like Peter Kay...
    • Other? Comment below!

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      • 17 days ago
    • Fanless MacBook Air? That’s bound to die a horrid death, mine cooks itself on a regular basis and has fans!

        17 days ago
      • Well yes that’s what I thought and it might do but this new M1 chip inside promises great performance. I’m taking 4k editing and being able to connect to 6k screens all for a ‘cheap’ price. But that is Apple saying that

          17 days ago
      • But then again, look at the iPad Pro. That’s a beast and it’s fanless

          17 days ago
    • I didn’t watch it. The Mac mini would be the best I think though, because it’s a proper Mac only cheaper

        17 days ago
    • I don't know. I didn't watch that stream to be honest.

        17 days ago
    • What excited you most from Apple’s live event last night? @tribe

        17 days ago
      • The benchmarks coming later this week. That fan-less MacBook Air better back up its claims against a resurgent AMD, whose laptop chips are already a step ahead of the top Intel CPUs.

          17 days ago


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