What we all love about cars.

It's not just the fact that you are comfortable, warm, protected from... most of Mother Nature's elements and that you have the freedom of leaving a family gathering you don't want to be at.

Of course - there are different reasons different people love cars, however, in general, I think this will be pretty accurate.

How they make us feel

Different cars make us feel a certain way that no one can explain.

The wagons make us long for long family road trips where we can add all the luggage, some snacks, a sleeping bag and some.

Hatch-backs are nimble and quick and are convenient for small towns and even some big ones. They're easy to park, fuel-efficient, zippy and for the most part always reliable and comfortable.

Sedans give us a sense of safety because well... it's larger, the boot is reasonably big as well which is also just as good for road-trips. There is more than enough room at the back for two of your friends and the best part is that they don't have to take off their legs and put them back on once the journey has ended.

SUV's well, they are great all-round vehicles. All-purpose, go anywhere do anything. Good for on the road and off, however, not all of them are so good off the road but that's a story for a different day. They are generally, comfortable, spacious and perfect for (almost) any occasion.

How it all starts

As wee little infants we find our true love, our desire in a shape of a car.

The car we always look at and think "one day I will have one" some of us are lucky and fortunate enough to do this.

We always envy adults that they can drive a car and it gets even better when they tell you that can ride shotgun. Experiencing first hand, what it looks like when someone drives a car. Seeing all the cars zoom past you, sitting in traffic and just admiring the other cars on the road.

Looking at the different lights and shapes of them, playing that game where you count how many of the same car you have seen on your journey then later telling your mum and dad about it.

As the years go on we start to learn more about cars, a passion is developed for them, we fall in love with them. We admire the sounds the different engines make, that's where it all starts. To this day, nothing beats a great engine noise... something like a big lumpy V8 or a shouting V12 is and always will be one of the best noises ever.

Then you get poster cars... we've all been there, where you find magazine and the centre-fold is something like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and you tear it out and stick it on your wall so you have something to look at in case you get bored of looking at the paint on your wall.

Then we learn how to drive and boy does it feel good

It's then when we properly start to develop our love for the Motor Vehicle. Read up on it, try and convince our parents to buy something quick and bigger than what you actually need and so it starts... all our internal organs are fuelled with gasoline and our hearts start beating like a well oiled engine fresh out of the factory.

You go on dates, to your mates, on road-trips and take your friends who don't have a car everywhere because that's just how it works... if you're the first one to have a car amongst your friends you will have to deal with taking them everywhere . Going to the store for mum or dad and feeling like a real adult and getting use to the feeling that people will trust you to go... anywhere, really.

Then discovering that you can customise things like the sound of the engine or the stereo and then boasting to your friends about how it sounds and always getting someone to play music at all times when you are on the road. It's an unwritten rule... really, that if you have a stereo it has to be banging at all times.

It's the combination of pleasure, comfort, smell and noise, looks and the speed. It's like a drug, once you get a small taste of it... that's it, it's over.

Then we go further

Some make a career out of it, where they admire and they are so in love with cars that they open workshops to make our own, customise and make them slightly better, more comfortable and sometimes a bit quicker... more unique.

You hear on the news and articles where people make their own cars from scratch and this is all because of the love and passion for cars. I mean after all, if it weren't for passion or admiration we would never have had Mercedes or Porsche or BMW or VW.

Cars are no longer considered just a machine you abuse to go out and about in, it was initially designed to make the life of Homo sapiens a lot easier and of course, saving the ponies. Cars along with Humans have come such a long way from just seeing cars as machines, we see them as a child, a loved one and even in some cases... a lover which is very strange i'll admit.

My one dream car will always be a Ferrari 458. it's been my most favourite car since it came out and I absolutely adore it. Just like I have such an admiration for that car, so does each and every single one of us... one that we would choose anytime, any day if we were given the choice and opportunity.

So I have a question or two...

What is your dream car and what is it that YOU love about cars? Let me know in the comments below!

Image Source: www.unplash.com

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  • I think the more you get to 'study' and 'learn' about the cars and the history behind it, you get to love it... It's like riding the typical 'tech-tree' of something like 918 Spyder(Looks cool!)-> GT2RS(Fast!)->930 Turbo(Finally get to know 'Oldies are goldies'->911 SCRS(Rare and Niche)->and finally reaching the one you just truly love it. And in my case, it would be a rallye spec 911 S. Not the fastest, not the rarest, but there is something about it that I just cannot resist.

    28 days ago
    7 Bumps
    • There's something about rally classics that have always been super appealing though.

      28 days ago
      1 Bump
  • As a child of the 80’s I loved Japanese cars and drove an Integra and can still remember my first NSX sighting. I’ve driven a couple over the years but they are still a bit out of budget.

    29 days ago
    4 Bumps
    • The good old NSX, I think any person who loves cars, will love this bad boy. In my opinion it's a lot better than the new one. It's maintained it's value of the years, a good example of a...

      Read more
      29 days ago
      1 Bump