What we want to see more of on The Grand Tour: Season 3

Is Season 3 the end or are they slowly teasing us, so what do we hope they will do more of in the new year?

2y ago

With the knowledge of the holy trinity returning to our internet screen early next year, I decided to ask DriveTribers, Facebookers and club members the same question: What do you want to see next season?

Hammond and May in Jaaaags...

Hammond and May in Jaaaags...

I got a lot of mixed ideas, thoughts and feelings on it... Some really good ones and some silly ones like rocket ships with dancing girls from one guy and some naughty ones, especially from the ladies - they seemed to like Season 1's swimming in Barbados and the spa scene, in season 2... I don't blame them really. But do not fear ladies, Clarkson spoke about the crude oil scene for next season already. Bit messy though. See, we are all the same really, car lovers with dirty minds. All equal in love and war, baby.

So, here is what we all want to see more in the next - and possibly, the last - season of The Grand Tour.

1. More Vs races...

The classic races between the boys always made us laugh but gave us great insight into other modes of transport. Take for instance in Top Gear, James would take either a tiny electric car or a massive Chelsea tractor through a packed city. Jeremy always takes something silly like a hovercraft and Richard would take an expensive bike - with tight, tight cycling shorts... Your welcome, ladies. We do watch for the cars, you know.

More stuff for the Ladies...

More stuff for the Ladies...

2. More silly games...

Silly games could mean any part of the boys' shows, what I mean is those renditions of old board games of your childhood - conkers, darts, you name it. In Season 1, Richard and James took the classic game of Battleships and turned it up to 11. Get some space, some crap cars and make a game - that is their mantra. Maybe they could do a massive game of car monopoly or Mariokart in a city. James would cheat... especially in monopoly.

3. More road trip challenges...

The trio makes car-shows interesting for everyone by including real-life car challenges, but on a grand scale. I mean that by taking either cheap crummy cars on the hardest trails in the world or taking something designed for the job, but making the job extreme. Take driving to the North Pole, Botswana and Namibia. I had the idea about doing a Mad Max styled challenge, earlier this year and a lot of you loved it. Check it out if you haven't already done so. You wouldn't scream 'OLIVER!', more like 'WITNESS ME!'.

4. More creative car challenges...

The most popular on my answers were creative challenges. Remember Geoff - the electric car they designed, terrible but very funny. In The Grand Tour, they had redefined '3 men in a boat...car' with Jeremy as team leader - jamming a jet engine into a small 4x4 and taping a bow to the front. Richard and James stripped him of his rank and set to work, making the Pond bug.

Legs for the ladies...

Legs for the ladies...

5. Emotional mini documentaries...

Emotions can range from crying your eye out or feeling the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It even can improve when hearing what someone is writing in their own voice... or somebody else's. A lot of the small, documentary-style segments of the boy's work is very emotional, making you listen intently on the story.

Richard can always make me cry if talking about the loss of a British car manufacturer, its all in the voice. James can make me think carefully about the history of Italian supercars, with his love of Ferraris. Jeremy can always make me hyper about pretty much anything, even if it's an old Lancia that makes odd noises. It's about how they make you feel.

And that, leads me to this ending...

That is what the boys are all about, the holy trinity of motoring heaven will give us another gift, maybe for the last time...

Make it three gifts - Making us cry, making us think and making us smile.

To the boys - Thank you.




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Comments (113)

  • The car history films are excellent! Love to see some more!

      2 years ago
  • I'd like to see all that stuff and perhaps some new stuff too, something fresh? I'm sure whatever they come up with it'll be more interesting than the now, rather soul-less 'Top Gear'

      2 years ago
    • Well, Top Gear lost the brains, the heart and the soul... and those make up the grand tour. They are a bit like useless superheroes.

        2 years ago
    • Except,they don’t were their underwear over their tights.🦹🏻‍♂️😉XX

        2 years ago
  • I really miss seeing the cars in the segments in the audience. The GT audience looks so sterile with slightly cheesy props instead.

      2 years ago
    • Some cars in there would make it more like a show about cars...

        2 years ago
  • Something to add: I have been watching trailers for the new Hitman game and it feels like TGT trailers... Maybe they should do a hitman challenge: best cars for a hitman on a job. There you go a free idea for you. ❤

      2 years ago
  • Dont change what they're doing! Crazy car design one episode, another with some ridiculous race, wrap up the season with some crazy thousand kilometer trek in will they make it vehicles.....We watch religiously

      2 years ago
    • Bless the holy trinity in all their petrol-fueled glory.

        2 years ago
    • Yes maam!!!! Definitely!! I do believe I'd go uber fangirl shrieking and all if I got to meet them....🤣🤣

        2 years ago