What would a front engined Lamborghini Huracan look like?

6d ago


Ever since the Corvette C8 was revealed as a mid-engined sportscar, it seems that manufacturers have opened their eyes to the performance benefits of alternative powertrain layouts.

Lamborghini have pretty much been a pioneer of the mid-engined layout, creating the first ever supercar with the format in the immortal Miura.

Since then, the Italian brand have stuck to that format with the likes of the Gallardo, Huracan and Aventador all following suite.

But once again the brilliant YouTuber TheSketchMonkey has thrown a spanner into the works and drawn up what a front-engined Huracan would look like.

TSM starts off with arguably the biggest change, repositioning the roof and cabin towards the rear, but he doesn't stop there.

After adjusting the wing-mirrors, air-intakes and much of the side profile of the car, TSM looks to have imagined the unimaginable.

One of the biggest changes that TSM makes is the removal of any holes, gaps and intakes on the side of the car. He said he decided to keep it "clean" and "simple" but to emphasise the "Huracan DNA".

The end result is pretty decent, and I would go far enough as to say that the new posture of the car makes it look a lot more sporty.

With Lamborghini bridging out into the wide world of SUV's with the Urus, who knows whats next for the iconic marque.

Maybe TSM has had his crystal ball out again...

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