W​hat would be your ideal adventure vehicle? This would be mine.

2w ago


You can go on a road trip, but why not go on a proper adventure? Not just trundling around on the normal road routes, the easy paths to the obvious locations. I'm talking about the less-trodden routes that can make your break unique, providing stories that will really have your friends and family listening when you're back to civilisation.

F​or an adventure, you need a properly capable piece of kit. Preferably, it needs to provide decent storage, comfort, stability and an all-wheel-drive system so it can go where most other cars can't. I'd go for the Isuzu D-Max XTR.

T​he company's latest pick-up truck is a bit of a beast, featuring aggressive black cladding around the front grille and wheel arches that will definitely encourage you to head straight for the muddy patches.

T​he side steps have been beefed-up and the windows are tinted for those occasions when you fancy using the backseat as your tent on a cold, blustery night.

T​o compliment Isuzus all-wheel-drive engineering, you'll find black 17-inch alloys that are shod with massive Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain rubber. The most impressive area of the vehicle however is its suspension. It's a brand new raised system from Pedders that produces a 250mm of ground clearance, stopping you from snagging the underside on any pesky boulders.

I​f you are lucky enough to come across some smooth tarmac, the suspension is also engineered to stay smooth and refined on-road, bucking the trend of such vehicles being a little on the agricultural side.

H​aving a vehicle that can go everywhere is only half the battle however; the cabin needs to have all the connectivity and comfort to see you through even the most inhospitable of places. The XTR comes with leather and suede sports seats with green contrast stitching that extends to the steering wheel to make the interior a place you'd be happy to spend hours of rugged driving.

T​rucks aren't exactly known for their tech but while trundling through the most treacherous of rock fields you can fiddle with the seven-inch touchscreen to operate the infotainment system which has bluetooth phone connectivity. In the most remote areas of the UK, the heated seats will always be a welcome addition, as well as the USB ports in the front and rear to keep your devices charged.

T​he perfect adventure for me would be into the glens of the uppermost regions of Scotland, getting there in this monster of a pick-up to camp next to the lochs, track the native wildlife and get away from it all.

I​ want to hear what your favourite adventure would be however, so drop down into the comments and let your imaginations run wild!