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What would be your perfect restomod?

From Fast N’ Loud Mustangs to Porsche 911’s Reimagined by Singer - what would be your choice as the perfect restomod?

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The modifying/tuning/hot-rodding scene is forever morphing with an ever spiralling number of niches dedicated to modern takes on classic cars.

Porsche 911: Reimagined by Singer - Korea Commission (Source: Singer)

Porsche 911: Reimagined by Singer - Korea Commission (Source: Singer)

Updating old school metal is nothing new, but with the arsenal of tools, technology and materials available to both individual builders and well-respected shops exponentially increasing, it seems that there’s no dream too big and nothing that can’t be built.

We’ve seen plenty of innovative restomods unveiled over the last few years with entire brands built on the premise of making old new. Mecatronik, Redux, Eagle, Singer, Alfaholics and countless other names are out there building their ideal versions of hero cars from a by-gone era. But taste is subjective and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from hours online window shopping, it’s that taste and cash do not come hand-in-hand.

BMW E30 M3 by Redux (Source: Redux)

BMW E30 M3 by Redux (Source: Redux)

But, I’m curious to know, if you were given the golden opportunity and if money was no object - what would your ideal restomod be?

Would you play it safe, head over to Rob Dickinson and the team at Singer for a meticulously specced 964? Would you dare to be different with a chunky muscle car with the signature seasoning of the Ringbrothers? How about a futuristic take on the legendary Group B Lancia Delta with the Automobili Amos Delta Futurista?

Maybe your brain has been doing overtime, relentlessly ticking with a what-if project idea that only highly skilled builders and wheelbarrows filled with cash could fund. Maybe you’re waiting back from an email from Akira Nakai regarding your semi-insane plan to take a pair of snips to a Porsche 928.

Ringbrothers AMC Javelin AMX (Source: Ringbrothers)

Ringbrothers AMC Javelin AMX (Source: Ringbrothers)

Whatever it is that piques your interest in ways that it probably shouldn’t - I want to know.

There’s no TribeCoin prize, no ulterior motive - just good intentions of a good, (ideally friendly), online debate. I’ll meet you in the comments for some, undoubtedly, questionable ideas!

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Comments (25)

  • First gen Dodge RAM Sweptline Cummins crew cab long box, but with modern tech and lighting.

      8 days ago
  • This '69 Dodge Charger Daytona,me and my cousin designed it(Well,90% of the work was done by him,lol)

      8 days ago
  • I'll kick things off - I'd love a perfectly crafted, RHD Alpine A110 to make its way into my garage.

      8 days ago
  • A Ford Escort RS2000 in Singer-type style, if you get what I mean...

      8 days ago
    • That would be an insane build - someone needs to make it happen!

        8 days ago
    • I know! One day when I have the funds I’ll do it myself...

        8 days ago
  • I love Alfas, and a GTA would be at the top of my list, but after seeing the Singer DLS, any other restomod is a distant 2nd... that's damn near perfection! I'd rather have that than any new hyper-super dooper-car for the same ridiculous sum, and I'm not generally a 911 guy.

      7 days ago


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