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What Would Happen If Richard Hammond and James May Traded Cars For a Day?

1y ago


I have a few friends where I wouldn't mind borrowing one of their cars for the day, but none of these friends are Richard Hammond or James May. Trading cars between the two of them takes the game up to a whole other level, and that's exactly what this piece is about.

Once again, we turn to the September 22nd Facebook Live video. A fan asked about Richard and James trading cars for a day, and which car would they request from the other. James thought about the consequences of letting Hammond borrow one of his cars: "I've got to think about which cars I wouldn't mind you having on its roof."

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Richard responded by asking to borrow James' Ferrari "the new one." James immediately replied "No." As far as which of Hammond's cars he would borrow, May replied:

"Since it's technically mine, your E-Type Jag." To which Richard responded "It's not technically yours in anyway!" For those that don't recall, James had the brilliant idea to "buy" Hammond's Jag by simply putting a sum of money into Hammond's account with "Money for E-Type" written next to it, thereby initiating a hostile takeover.

As of today, the Jag appears to still be in Hammond's posession.




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