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What Would The World Look Like If We Didn't Go "All In" on SUVs and Crossovers?

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I have a habit of jumping up on my white-walled, V8-powered soap box more often than I should recently, but a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other day is sitting weird in my brain and I decided that the thoughts wonder and see where they go.

2009 Chrysler Imperial Concept / Photo Sourced from cagolfcars.com

The conversation was about EV's and why there hasn't been a lot of mainstream news stories about them in the US. Outside of the automotive realm, there's very little news about cars, aside of factory closings and international models being used to spark political debates. This got me thinking about how, at least in the US, people are kind of in the dark as to where EV technology is at the moment, and I feel like that's because of all of the crossovers and SUVs that are clogging roadways around the world.

Ford F-150 EV / Photo Sourced from Car and Driver

Tesla has also stolen the spotlight from the other automakers, and while I look at Tesla as a necessary catalyst, they have completely kept news about the I-Pace, E-Tron, Bolt, etc., rather hush hush. At least until the Model Y comes out, Tesla's sales are largely sedans, with the Model X representing 1/8th of their nearly 200,000 overall sales for 2018. For reference, the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf both sold about 18,000 units last year.

Tesla Model S Wagon Rendering / Photo Sourced from Ares Design

I think if we stopped pretending that we need all-wheel-drive crossovers with high centers of gravity that are less practical than a minivan, then maybe we wouldn't have seen the extinction of the wagon, and the sedan. I personally think that we abandoned the sedan too early, and by doing that, the Americans are giving up the hundreds of thousands of sales to other companies in hopes that people will be forced into crossovers like the Equinox because they will be left with no other option. To be fair, the Equinox did close out 2018 with roughly 330,000 sold units, so I guess it's working?

2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport Wagon Render / Photo Sourced from Kleber Silva

Still, it's nice to picture the world littered with full-size Griswold-esque wagons as the means of hauling families around while coupes were simply less expensive versions of sedans without the ridiculous amount of performance upgrades that go into today's coupes. Long gone are the days of old when personal luxury coupes lazily made their way to the office while the family wagon stayed in the driveway and didn't try to be the jack of all trades to all people.

2015 Chevrolet Impala Coupe Render / Photo Sourced from Bad Ass Autoz

Eh, a Malaise-Era obsessed nutcase can dream, can't he?

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