What would you be driving in the year 2121?

Or will there be anything called 'car?'

33w ago

It's taken 100 years in the making but we are finally in 2121 sitting in our homes with a memory card in our brain and a machine which brings food just by thinking about it meticulously. Did I forget oxygen masks? Of course we will need it if global warming does not remove its preposterous shadow from over us.

With so much set to change, I couldn't resist but ask what would we be driving hundred years hence? Or would we be even driving cars for the next 100 years? There are some designers and interns at companies who have thought of a flying pod and other such machines which means we can allow our brain to think of cars getting endangered shortly and going extinct over the span of this century.

Anyway, if you think cars will exist, which car or what exactly you would be driving. Also mention its shape, hp, interior design and tech.

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