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What would you take for your death row drive?

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We’re all familiar with the prerequisite to western capital punishment: that of a final meal request before execution. Doctors have been known to find the half-digested remains of the meal in the person’s stomach during the subsequent autopsy. But what if they could instead find blood enlivened by a final automotive experience?

Imagine for just a moment that you are on death row, less than 24 hours away from gasping your final breath. Before the needle touches your arm however, you are granted a last request, where anything you desire will be honoured: a last drive on this earth. What car would you take?

Credit: Koenigsegg

The sarcastic answer to this question is “anything fast enough to escape the execution”, but for the purposes of this question, we’re going to hypothesise that this isn’t possible. You’re going to be put to death in less than 24 hours, so better make your last drive something you really want.

Credit: McLaren

When faced with this prospect, many would grab the keys to their favourite hypercar so they could know what it feels like to have atomic power ready and raring under their right foot. Some however may choose to go for something that doesn’t necessarily strive for ultimate performance, but instead tries to transmit to you a sensation of specialness that nothing else can. Personally, I’d be in the latter camp.

Credit: Singer

For my death row drive, I’d take a Singer 911 DLS. To me, there’s nothing on this earth that’s anywhere near as special or capable of portraying to you what driving is all about so clearly. For that very reason, it’s the car I’d want to drive before waving goodbye to life.

But what about you guys: what would you take for your death row drive? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (54)
  • I would drive the 787B

    28 days ago
  • Old Porsche 930 turbo, and I'll ask to drive on a dangerous track, try to go faster and faster until I finally crash and die.

    29 days ago
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