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    What would/do you use a voice assistant for in a car?
    • To set the sat-nav
    • To play music
    • To check on your smart home gadgets
    • To hear the news or finding out info
    • Something else – I'll tell you in the comments

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    • I have the most sophisticated voice control system in the car..

      It's the passenger

        11 days ago
      • Exactly. Although the backtalk can’t be turned off.

          7 days ago
      • Of course it can

        I have another sophisticated system for that

        Turn the radio volume so high you cant hear them anymore

          7 days ago
    • Fuck Alexa. Why do i keep seeing this shit on DT? Let’s get something straight, Bezos; if you fuck you fuck you my car with Alexa I will handcuff you to the wheel of a Peel 50 for the rest of your days.

        11 days ago
    • A lot of things, but to change music would be handy!

        11 days ago
    • Nothing...........precisely, nothing. My cars are MY machines, and I'll drive them. I do not need friendly spy software suggesting restaurants, monitoring my speed, or telling me how lost I am (that's part of the fun of driving!). If Alexa wants to drive, she can get her own damned car.

        11 days ago
    • STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        11 days ago


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