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What you can learn from buying a used car

Anyone who has ever bought a used car can probably spit out a large essay on why it's so good to buy used. The same people could also but probably wouldn't tell you all the problems that can occur with a used car. Will you care? Most likely not, you are a car lover and your passion for metal boxes on wheels will overpower any logical reason as to not buy a used car. And here is why I am promoting that behaviour!

1. Say hypothetically that you've done all your research and carefully gone through all car forums and now you feel like an expert. When you inevitably buy the car and your car inevitably fails and breaks your heart, you will at least learn that theory and practice aren´t siblings, they are as close to each other as John from Essex and *click* *clock* *clack* from a small village tribe in southern Tanzania.

2. And let's pretend that after the car fails and you are too broke or too stubborn to take the car to the mechanic, you try to fix it yourself. Maybe you succeed and maybe you have to admit defeat and become a sperm donator to finance your mechanic-fees. After doing all of this you will have new knowledge that you didn't have before, and if you fail miserably you will at least have a new appreciation for mechanics.

3. You can find gems in the used car market! The first time I went to look for different used cars I almost dropped my jaw looking at what types of cars you can get for small amounts of cash. A taxed, registered and road legal Mercedes C200 with not much more than 120 000 miles for only 2000£, yes please. Or maybe an old Peugeot 205 or Citroën 2CV? It's endless, you can find anything and if you are lucky you can even find a good deal.

4. Is it too good to be true, I'll bet my left testicle that it is. Yes, that's life advice that you might gather from any type of deal, but in the used car market it couldn't be truer. Of course there will be a unicorn deal somewhere and some person that will post it on Youtube bragging about what an amazing and astonishing deal he made, and then poor Ol' Johnny Ray who just got his licence will try to replicate such a deal only to be met with a leaking cooler and a broken turbocharger and will be spending the rest of the year trying to convince the parents that he could never have known and that the deal was good.

5. Patience! Imagine this, you own a good car, what's your first instinct? To sell? No, I didn't think so. Good cars on the used market aren't necessarily rare, but they don't just show up all the time, and if they do you can bet that some Roger guy will be down there and buy it waaaaay before you can even CarFax the car. The approach to buying used cars should be like a hawk stalking prey, be vigilant thorough and when the time comes you can strike.

Having written all of this I can still tell you that buying a used car is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you can have. It's a journey that can end in dozens of ways, most of which will give you one hell of a story. So go out, convince yourself, your partner or your parents that buying your dream Golf MK1 1000 miles away is the way to go!

theory and practice aren´t siblings, they are as close to each other as John from Essex and *click* *clock* *clack* from a small village tribe in southern Tanzania.

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