What you could do in dark, cold winters... Project Alpina rims

1y ago


In the year 2015 I found some 15" OZ rims for a good price. The condition was not really good, but I had time and the dark and cold winter days were safed.

Why I bought the OZ rims and not original Alpina? Well, they are unbelievable expensive and you're very lucky if you got them in the past. The OZ rims, on the other hand, are affordable, even though prices have risen in the last two years. I found them on ebay and bought them for 200 euros. They had said "hello" to the curb a couple of times, but I love projects that keep me busy for several weeks, so I took them thankfully. So I retired to the basement and started with the usual: grinding. After a few hours of work, the rims looked a bit more decent.

After the coarse quirks were sanded and filled with aluminum spatula, I applied primer to see if I had worked properly. I was satisfied with myself.

That was done. But the money was a bit tight and so it happened that the rims were in the garage for almost a year. This year it was time, I went to my painter. My painter wrinkled his nose. A lot of work. Especially the complete paint removal and the tight together spokes dissatisfied. "Powder coating" was the short but clear answer. My painter knew someone, old school, in his late fifties, with a lathe in his workshop. He would be able to do that to me well and cheaply. Six weeks later I was finally able to pick them up and was not disappointed.

This year new tires would not have been worth it anymore, but next year there will be new shoes for Sepp ... and that will look stunning!

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  • Is it possible, that you have the same problem that I have? The tyres for the old rims are not being produced any longer? I did not think of Alpina rims. I bought BMW "Star Rims".

    Great job, I hope mine will be in the same condition when I am finished. What paint did you use?

    1 year ago
    • No, sorry, I don’t have this problem 😂

      I have the documents for the rims and have different sizes I can use for them. I think I will choose semi slicks in 205/50

      1 year ago
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    • ja, die 205/50 muss ich in Zukunft auch nehmen, die kleineren für die Gullideckel gibt es nicht mehr mit Geschwindigkeitsindex V. Und was ist das für eine Farbe?

      1 year ago
  • OMG YESSSS! I am promoting this to Best of Women of DriveTribe but I wish I could promote this everywhere because those rims are just perfection. 😍

    1 year ago
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