- 2021 Dodge Challenger Hellcat SuperStock

What You Need To Know About The Challenger SuperStock

I had the pleasure to be at the FCA Event in Brooklyn, NY this week. This is what I learned about the Challenger SuperStock

One of the 9 cars presented at the FCA event in Brooklyn was the Challenger Hellcat SuperStock dubbed the "SS." From statistics to technicalities, this is what I wrote down for the important bits.


The Challenger SS, like almost every other performance Challenger, is made for the dragstrip. Fast 0-60 and quarter-mile times. Underneath the hood is the 6.2L Hellcat V8 engine pushing 807 horsepower and 707 pounds of torque being sent to the rear wheels. These wheels are 18x11 have a 315 width that is DOT approved. The front brakes have Brembo with 4-piston calipers that can be electronically locked with launch control to do fire-up the rear tires. The LSD rear axle has a 3.09 ratio that is uniquely tuned for consistent drag times. With other electronics, the Challenger SS is able to use its "race cool down" technology that will reduce the temperatures in the engine and engine bay so racers don't have to put bags of ice to lower the temperature of the engine.

I know this article is a bit short, but it is all for technicalities for those who like numbers.

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