What you need to know before you buy a Dodge Challenger

In the market for a Challenger? This should help make your decision a bit easier.

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The Dodge Challenger is quickly turning into the American Porsche 911. No really, hear me out.

By no means am I speaking to reliability, build quality, or performance (though I do get into those aspects in the video). I mean that Dodge has done subtle but meaningful updates to the looks of this car inside and out similar to how Porsche updates the 911. No major aesthetic overhauls in 13-14 years means the Challenger’s automotive personality remains unchanged and while the Porsche 911 has changed over the years, the shape and overall aesthetic hasn’t.

And that’s a very good, iconic thing. You will always know a Challenger when you see it, no matter what year it’s from because of it’s unique retro-modern styling, quad headlights, and aggressive coupe body design.

In this video we’ll be going over what to look for on the Dodge Challenger. Things such as common issues, what’s new for 2021 versus the 2020 model year, any major service bulletins on the car, any major recalls, and overall reliability ratings from trusted sources.

After researching all these areas, do we recommend you still go in to buy the Dodge Challenger if you’ve made the decision to purchase? That answer is a resounding yes, but just be cautious. The newer Challengers from 2016 onward don’t seem to have overwhelmingly major issues that should prohibit you from, at the very least, keeping it on your list if you’re cross shopping muscle car daily drivers or even powerful grand touring cars. Yes, it’s a big, heavy muscle car, but if you’re in the market for a Challenger, you likely don’t care about that.

You want the muscle, you want the aggressive looks, and the Challenger has that in spades.





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