What you need to know before you buy a Volvo XC40

We did a deep dive on recalls, issues, and service bulletins so you can be more informed!

1y ago

If you us at all, we’ve owned a lot of Volvos. So when we get the opportunity to review the XC40, one of the newer offerings from the Swedish stalwarts, we jump at the opportunity.

In fact we’ve reviewed the XC40 twice. I drove it once on a quick press drive, and Hansen had it for a 7-day press loan in early 2020. The latter being the best viewed video we have ever made. If you haven’t seen that review, click the links above and check them out.

In this video I’ll be going over what to look for when you DO go to buy the car. Things such as common issues, any service bulletins on the car, active recalls, and an overall reliability ratings from trusted sources such as Consumer Reports.

In short, should you still go in to buy the XC40 if you’ve made the decision to purchase? It’s in my opinion that yes, you should. The XC40 doesn’t seem to have overwhelmingly major issues that should prohibit you from, at the very least, keeping it on your list if you’re cross shopping small luxury SUVs or crossovers.

If any of the issues I mentioned do crop up, you will still have a factory warranty to cover you should anything happen. And it's important to know that Volvo currently offers a 5 year, unlimited mile Certified Pre-Owned warranty that I have on my personal 2017 XC90, and can confirm it’s already paid for a few items that have worn out, including front brake rotors. It’s a very good warranty and should help you if you cannot purchase new.

The XC40 is a surprisingly roomy, nimble, and well sorted car that can be had at competitive prices compared to the competition. It's worth a look.





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Comments (3)

  • I was in a Polestar One today. Bloody fantastic

      1 year ago
  • @Jake “Jack” Savoie

      1 year ago
  • I had a very serious discussion with the salespeople at Volvo. Feels like the replaced their product development team with a suicide commando.

    At least as far as the Belgian market is concerned, they will surely see a huge drop this year...

      1 year ago