What Your Car Says About You (American Cars Only)

As my new job has me driving 180 miles a day (costs less to drive then to move) I have been observing the drivers every day on my long trip to work. Keeps me awake and alert at 6AM. Over the last 3 years of living in Wisconsin I have noticed some very interesting trends that allows a person to make a fairly accurate guess as to what the driver of a particular vehicle is going to do. Be it speeding, tailgating, undercutting, cutting in front of you way to close, etc I have realized that each of the big three, GM, Ford, and Chrysler a trend that exists at least here in Wisconsin. Other places may be different so leave a comment if it is the same or different.


Let's start with GM, a company that in recent years has been doing fairly well at getting some decent vehicles on the roads. But let's start with the general trend I see. (Please note that this is not everyone but a vast majority I meet on the road are like this.)

The larger the vehicle the bigger the idot/asshat the driver is. I cannot tell you how many times I am passing on the highway doing 70 to 75 mph and I look in my mirror and about 5 feet behind me is some large GM vehicle. Now I am passing, cruise control on, and I not going to speed up but as soon as I get past (what is usually a large semi) and I wait until my blind spot monitor light goes off which gives me about a car length which is the right thing to do but no this asshat then proceeds to try to undercut me! Really! It takes me literally less than 3 seconds to move over and you cannot wait AND you cut off a now pissed off Semi-truck driver!

Here is another story. I was on a the highway in Greenbay (which has 3+ lanes in on each side) and I am in the slow lane. There is literally no car for about a mile around me until this asshat in a lifted Silverado comes up behind me doing about 85. It is also raining fairly good. The logical step would be to pull over into the other lane, he has no one to compete with but no...he literally gets right up behind me and he is maybe less than 3 feet from me and stays there for a full 30 seconds! REALLY! Then he passes me and instead of just staying in the lane pulls right in front of me spraying me with water from his useless off road tires that have never seen a dirt path before blinding me! I'm sorry but that was uncalled for, dangerous, and just plain stupid.


Ford...well they are different. The older the vehicle the bigger the idot/asshat. For example, today while driving my 90 miles one way to work every single Ford truck driver was either doing the speed limit in the slow lane or if they were going faster than me actually backed off and waited patently for me to pass. It was a nice change. But as the Ford gets older oh boy. I have seen drivers in old ford vehicles run red light, come to a four way stop and even though I was half way through the intersection in my bright red Mazda CX-5 with bright led daytime running lights (you would have to be blind to miss me) they not only started to move but put the pedal down. Consistently I will have older Fords tailgating, undercutting, etc just as much as large GMs but I think I know why.

Ford is by far the more popular American car brand. They outsell GM and Chrysler in the truck department and have pedigree in certain classes. The Fiest and Focus are known world wide, the F-150 is the truck you want, and the Mustang has been in production longer than the Camero and Challenger. So for the used market there are more Fords and they are fairly cheap second hand. Fords are initially expensive and thus the first owners tend to take care of their vehicles. Most Ford people I know (and continue to buy Ford) know how to work on a car. So they know how to change oil, rotate tires, do general maintenance. But then when they are traded in they are dirt cheap. My Focus was $24,000 originally and I traded it in for $4000. And it was in good condition. However I cannot tell you how many times my family has sold or traded in a car we took care of and the next person who go it trashed it.

Bottom line. If the Ford is not a classic and looks trashed look out.


And we come to the last one. And again it is different. It has nothing to do with vehicle size or age but everything to do with power and money. Chrysler products brag about power, performance, and luxury so these are the trends. The better the vehicle is at performing a certain task the worse the driver.

I rarely have seen anything that was designed for a V8 but has a V6 or smaller doing anything dangerous. Why? Cost. The driver wanted the looks but not the cost and thus does not want to show that they have the lesser car. So often the V6 chargers are ok. But if the driver got the big boy look out. Now for the truck drivers I have not seen really any issues but man I always see the V8 Charger right on my ass. Now they will not undercut they will at least wait for you to move over but they will be angry the entire time.

Money is also a factor. Even in a 200 I have had drivers get right up behind me on the highway flip me off in the mirror, wave their hands telling me to go faster in the middle lane as I pass two drivers on either side of me doing the same speed (so he should have been able to pass me but some idiot in an old Ford was doing 65 in the fast lane). And when he passed blew his horn then 1 mile down the road took an exit. It seems that Chrysler drivers have an inflated sense because they believe I have more power than you get out of my way or Look at how much money I spent get out of my way.

In the end the biggest group of asshats is the Jeep drivers. Not just the normal ones, the ones that modify their Jeeps to take on the Sahara and never take it off the highway. Again money and power.


Every one of the American companies has bad drivers and in the end this is not an absolute. But if you are a sensible driver and you see a large GM, an old Ford, a super powerful or expensive Chrysler keep an eye on them. Because there is a high chance they are going to do something stupid. AND if you read through this and get offended then we all know that you probably fall into this category.

Please comment if this trend happens in other States and if you do any of this then please take the time to re-evaluate your driving habits for the sake of everyone else. It is drivers like you that ruin the roads for the rest of us by being stupid.

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