What your executive car says about you.

A very popular market, crowded by the German "originals".

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Executive cars. We all see them blasting down the outside lane of the M5 at 10 at night going way to quickly driven by a high up person in a relatively boring job. So, what does each one say about you, and which is the best?

The Audi "move out of my way" A4.

Most of us will have seen an A4. They're very typically and obviously a product of the 4 rings. An indistinguishable saloon car that really says that you just wanted easy finance, a bit of speed once in a while and stress free ownership. I mean, it does sound good. But, there are more interesting people out there, and this is shown by your car. It's also probably a shade of dark grey, or silver. Typical.

BMW "I've still got rear wheel drive" 3 Series.

This is a more interesting, and less bland version of the Audi A4. It is possibly better looking, especially without the "Grille", and is easily capable at sitting at 100mph anywhere. This car shows you value driving dynamics, and comfortable, and quality. And also like a bit of interest, as BMW offers some rather lovely colours on the 3 series. Orange does look very nice. You also like to unleash your in hooligan by disabling the TCS and fooling round the office car park. How very silly of you.

Mercedes-Benz "There's an update coming soon" C-Class.

If you have a C Class, I'm not sure what you're like. If you have the AMG variant, then you probably just love having fun, destroying the rear wheels, but the Non AMG, then you probably just wanted a comfortable place to sit, but with some easy finance and affordable running costs. Just like an A4, but with a Star on the bonnet instead. A very fine car, and probably the best of the Germans. Just no particularly exciting.

Volvo "Scandi Style" S60

There's no denying that this car looks beautiful, and is brilliantly designed in every single way, but there's one thing you get from it. A whiff of...someone who just wants to be comfortable, no matter how much it costs. Because the S60 is incredibly expensive compared to rivals. Additionally, the owner is unlikely to ever look down to even read TCS button, let alone considering turning the Traction control off! A very complete car this is though.

Alfa Romeo "Style and speed" Giulia

You love driving, and you love style if you drive a Giulia. You will also make sure you tell your friends how many Horsepowers your Ferrari (Not really) engine makes. Everybody will wonder why you bought an Alfa, but only you will ever know how good it feels. Fantastic. Boy can this car move as well, in top Spec QV trim, or even mid range Veloce, the engine packs a serious punch. This is a great car, one of a true petrolhead.

Jaguar "Jaaaaaaaaag" XE.

Precision. Something only a Jaguar drive has to battle with every day. Even though these cars aren't brilliantly built, they are brilliantly styled. Sleek, elegant, yet sporty and muscular lines cover the cars wonderful body. You probably drive a bit to slowly in some places, and two fast in others, and are, well lets say "getting on a bit". The XE is nothing like as raucous and exciting as the F Type, but it does look as good. So, when you've eventually clambered out of your Jaaaag, you stand, and admire it, like everyone who passes buy wont' do. Some things really are under appreciated.

Lexus "It's gone from Europe for now" IS.

It's sad we can't buy the Lexus IS anymore, but whilst you can still grab one of a dealer forecourt, I highly doubt anyone will. If you drive a Lexus IS, you would've taken a risk, not knowing what it would've been like, and not realising how well built, rugged, and determined a Lexus feels. You value quality, perfection, and seamless engineering over speed and power, and you should do, cause there isn't very much of the latter. You have a CVT gearbox, but you, as the owner probably don't know what CVT means. A very good car the Lexus IS is.

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    Best car in the World!

      1 month ago
  • What the C-Class definitely reveals about its driver is an age of at least 75

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