Whatever Wednesday: Pick-n-Pull

Part donor or part recipient?

1y ago

However I lost the exhaust pipe on this Surf Crate, I certainly don't remember it happening. Such is life with one of the earliest cars you ever got.

Still, it's an opportunity for a restomod... if I can even figure out how to fab a replacement exhaust. I hear 3D printing's all the rage. And then after that, making a replacement Krazy 8s wing...

I probably need a way to 3D scan the existing engine part though. And a hand drill of some sorts. I've been considering getting one on the 12.12 consumerism blowout, but the Dremels still cost a fortune and the unbranded Chinese gear don't seem to have polishing ends for when you want that ZAMAC finish.

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  • I would find a cheap newer surf crate and swap in the engine piece. (& Wheel Swap of course)

      1 year ago