Whatever you do, do it with style!

4y ago
- Mike and Sally Chilman rocking the 60's look in keeping with their 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII. Sally made this outfit herself. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Sally had a great range of outfits to compliment the Healey. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Bob showing us how the Dutch do vintage in a 1931 Bugatti T46 Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Hugo's knitted Mongolian style hat! Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Robert and Jane won the vintage class of the rally and did in style....with many pairs of goggles! Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Australian Glenda wearing a 1926 Dodge Brothers Tourer Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Chris in his 1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.....well what else would you eat in a Roll's than a roll?! Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Kevin and Silas looking smart, even when extracting their 1965 Mustang from a muddy ditch. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Hugo sporting a more traditional flat cap and blazer combo. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Peter and Colin went for long leather overcoats, caps and goggles to protect from the elements in their 1905 Bianchi Speedster, the oldest car on the rally. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- Another from Hugo's hat collection, a traditional Mongolian hat. not to be outdone co-driver Nigel wore a pith helmet for the duration of the rally in their 1934 Lagonda. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- German's Birgit and Gerd Buhler still looked fresh as spring daisies when they crossed the finish line in their 1938 BMW 328. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- John and Katherine show what tough stuff farmers are made from battling the elements in style in their 1917 American La France. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- If it were up to me then Natasha would have earned bonus points for matching her leather flying helmet exactly to the paintwork on her and David's 1917 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. Photo: Fiona Easterby
- The Bentley teams all dressed the part. Photo: Fiona Easterby For details of this years event see: http://rallyround.co.uk/the-paris-prague-rally/

It doesn't matter if you come first or last, as long as you do it with style! Here are some of the wonderful characters on the Paris - Vienna Rally.

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