What's a car you like that no one understands why?

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For me that car is the 1968 Pontiac Firebird Sprint. It's powered by an overhead cam straight six but it's a performance six. Instead of a one barrel carburetor, it has the Quadrajet and a high performance camshaft. My friends always ask me, "Why do you want a six cylinder Firebird?"

Sure, it doesn't have the amount of horsepower or the rumble of the V8, but I like from an engineering point of view. This is one of John DeLorean's greatest hits and he was an advent fan of the Jaguar E-Type. So he wanted to build a car that could compete with it and I think he succeeded to a certain extent. It's light, it handles very well, it goes pretty good with 227 horsepower, and it's quite rare, too.

Well there's my reason why I like the Sprint. What's your favorite car that no one gets?

Let me know in the comments! I'm very interested.

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