What's all this about, really?

This is me... I'm usually not that moody, but the look works for me

Ok, here goes... My name is Chris and on this tribe I'll showcase my "crafts", sort of. Besides, I don't own a boat, so it's sort of a "pun intended". If you get it. Now, you're probably asking yourself: who is this guy and what does he want? Why should I even bother. I'm gonna tell you why.

On this tribe I'll showcase a few segments, mainly the following: "Torino vs. The World" where I take the "ol' girl out and about", shoot some photos or videos and write some words. The second is simply called "Reviews" where I'll give "journalism" a shot with reviewing whatever vehicle I can get my hands on. The third will be "If less is more, two is better than four" which is the same as Torino vs. The World, but with my Kawasaki Z650 instead. The fourth and final one (for now) is "Tech". When I do a mod or fix to any of my vehicles, I'll write up a story on it. There will be other segments in the future, but you've gotta start somewhere, right?

A wheel and a show-off badge. From a future article of "Torino vs. The World"

My main focus will be on segment one and two, with the other two filling in whenever I find the time. My goal is to post one article a week on average. Sometimes less, sometimes more. In the winter-season I'll focus more on tech, as that's when both the Torino and the Z650 are tucked away on life-support in the garage, waiting for spring to reanimate them.

I really hope you'll enjoy the segments on this tribe, even in its infantile state that seems more like a blog than a tribe. That might change as it, hopefully, grows. Since I'm fairly new to this, bare with me. Feel free to leave a comment, suggest improvements, whatever comes to mind. Now on to the next article.... In the meantime - happy motoring!

Courtesy of google/ murketing.com

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