What's better than a Ferrari 365 GT4?

51w ago


Well, obviously - it's THREE 365's!

During my recent tour of the amazing Gosford Classic Cars Museum, I was able to photograph not one, not two, but THREE beautiful 365 GT's!

Let's do this chronologically - a 1972 365 GTC 4 Coupe. This car has had a full restoration, and it shows.

I've never seen one in this lovely dark blue -it's called Blue Ribot - very striking! For sale at AU$425,000 !!

Next Car, Next Year! This one is from 1973, a GT4 2+2. Only 524 of these were ever made

This colour is called "Verde Pino". Very original, with only 62,459 km on the clock. The SIX Down-draft Weber's on these sound AMAZING!

On to 1975, and this GT4 looks a little plain in White, when compared to the others.

This car came from Wales, in the U.K. Original apart from a bare-metal respray.

Ferrari 365 Facts

The Front-engine RWD layout was typical of Ferrari Race cars of the preceding eras.

The 4.4 Litre V-12 produced 340hp, sucking massive amounts of air through SIX side-draft Webers!

The 365 GT4 was successor to the legendary Daytona, sharing many components.

The 365 refers to the displacement of a single Cylinder (365cc). This holds true of most V-12 Ferraris. Weird..

5-Spoke Alloy wheels with knock-off hubs were standard, and Borrani Wire Wheels were an optional extra.

365 GT's were built between 1972 and 1976, when they were replaced by the 400.

For more pictures of Gosford Classic Cars, see the Virtual Museum Tour below!

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