What's in a name?

How I spent many hours deciding what MY DRIVETRIBE NAME should be, only to return to one of my first choices... Damn and blast!

You may recall from my previous article that essentially I draw and colour in for a living. I spend most of my typical day pushing pixels around a screen and rarely have the need to type let alone write.

Creative writing doesn’t come easy to me therefore choosing a tribe leading name was never going to be the easiest of tasks. Thinking back, the last time I wrote [or typed] anything of any length, was nearly 25 years ago, when I was tasked with writing a 12,000 word essay for my university degree [BRRRRRR!! Just thinking back to that essay still brings me out in a cold, cold sweat!!]. And now I've signed myself up to write regular articles around my images, what a halfwit!

BRRRRRR!! Just thinking back to that essay still brings me out in a cold, cold sweat!!


Having seen other leaders emerge with their shiny new profiles and funky names as Drivetribe was being assembled, there was clearly a level to be met. The original idea was to accurately describe my chosen subject and hopefully describe my photography style too, oh, and possibly attempt to get a daft acronym in there as well. Not asking much, am I?

Drivetribe set a guideline of a maximum 24 characters, I guess that was to include empty spaces between words, but I never got that clarified. Anywho, whatever name you came up with would create an acronym. In my case it would have to relate to racing, motorbikes and photography. There's plenty of good acronyms to aim for, possibles included RPM, ZOOM, VROOM, though fleshing them out with words was going to prove tricky [bike words starting with a Z, anyone, anyone?]. RPM looked a distinct possibility, it could have made a decent ‘Race Photo Moto’. BRRAAP - 'Bike Road Racing And Arty Photos', great acronym, lengthy crap name was a contender briefly, though the character count really was too high, and getting it down and still make sense proved tricky. Balls!

I finally settled on ’Gritty Road Racers’. It does exactly what it says on the tin


For a time I had a mind to make it a bit more Isle of Man centric, maybe a play on words using 'Man' or ‘Mann’ or perhaps even ‘Manx’, but on reflection I did’t want to make it too IoM specific. After all, I do intend on getting back to the Northwest 200 in Portrush at some point and maybe visit other Irish road circuits in the future. So that idea was promptly filed under 'bin'.

In the end, after much cogitation, I finally settled on ’Gritty Road Racers’. It does exactly what it says on the tin, but in two slightly different ways. In one sense it describes my photographic intentions in showing road racing as it really is in an uncompromising fashion, candid. In another sense it describes perfectly the racers themselves [here's a few synonyms for you to pick from - courageous, brave, plucky, mettlesome, stout-hearted, lionhearted, valiant, bold, spirited, intrepid, game, hardy, tough, steely, determined, resolute, purposeful - ok, that's enough!].

To top it off, it has a great acronym, 'GRR'. That could interpreted as being the growl of an exhaust or some kind of guttural primal scream for getting in the zone for chucking yourself down Bray Hill, or just my outcry at having yet another TV crew member or particular photographer [no names, no pack-drill] jump into frame just at the ‘decisive moment’.

Either way, GRR will look just dandy in one of those white Drivetribe squares. Job jobbed. *dusts hands*

GRR - 'Gritty Road Racers' - That’s this Tribe summed up in a nutshell. I’ll be showing you some courageous motorcycle road racers just as is, no gloss, no PR team, no posed shots. Ok, a few posed shots, but not many posed shots [posed shots is in itself is a whole other article for another time].






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  • Shameless. As for the Simpsons quote, it's "are 'poo' and 'ass' taken?", pfft, call yourself a fan :D

      3 years ago
  • should have called it something catchy yet elegant like I dunno ? bike throttle maybe 😅

      3 years ago
  • Simpson's quote - "are ass and poo taken? "

      3 years ago