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Budget of £100k or $130k - 3 cars

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This is a discussion that has been around since the dawn of time. In the DriveTribe office, there is such a wide variety of answer, which changes on a daily basis.

My 'book' of choice when I was a young boy was AutoTrader. I'd set myself a budget for my dream garage and then spent hours trawling through until I found the right balance.

In order to put a bit of structure to the discussion, I've set some ground rules for everyone to follow, and not have everyone being ludicrous.

Rule 1: You have to pick 3 cars

Three cars allow some flexibility. You can blow all of your money on one car, then have to buy two shitty cars, or you can space the money out evenly, leaving you with more choice for you daily driver.

Rule 2: A budget of £100,000 or $130,000

I've gone by the current exchange rate for the American Drivetribers. This budget encourages you to really think about which cars you want and means all the answers aren't the Ferrari LaFerrari.

In terms of the value of your choices, just try and go by the average prices on common car sales websites for a guide. I'll leave a bit of wiggle room as I know this might be a point of contention.

RUle 3: A realistic garage

OK, so this isn't really a 'rule,' but to keep the choice interesting, I'd like you to try and balance the three cars for real-world use. So, maybe one for cruising, one for fun and one for a special occasion. However, I can't tell you what to do here as it is your dream garage!

My dream garage

Car 1 - Peugeot 205 gti 1.9 - £10,000

I've started off with the B-road killer, the Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9.

I will use this car more than any other in my garage. I'm not sure much more fun can be had than in a hot hatch on a Welsh B-road, and for me, the 205 GTi is the king of them all. I know £10,000 will get a decent condition example that can handle a good thrashing.

Car 2 - Citroën DS

I'll need a weapon for a longer journey. When I go on my European tour, I'll need something comfortable and cool. Therefore I have chosen the Citroën DS.

I can turn up to any soirée and fit in immediately. I will be in cloud-like comfort with the hydraulic suspension and can soak in the sun with the roof down.

It may set me back £25,000 for a good example, but I think it's worth it.

Car 3 - Porsche 911 993

Any dream garage of mine needs a Porsche 911. Unfortunately, I can't afford a Singer Porsche 911, but I have £65,000 left in my garage and this leaves me with one obvious selection. The 993 is one of my favourite 911 styles and is perfect for that special occasion.

I doubt I could drive this every day, but when I do, I know I'm guaranteed the thrill I desire.

I could have chosen so many different cars, but today these are my three weapons of choice. I'm a bit annoyed I couldn't quite fit a Nissan Skyline R34 in somewhere, but that might change tomorrow.

Let me know what is in your dream garage in the comments.

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