What's it like riding in a race car with an MOT?

One evening, I was at a car meet with my local car gang when one of them, offered me a ride home in his car. I thought to myself, would it be a Porsche? Or a Jaguar? Or maybe even the Tesla that was there. In fact, I was getting a ride, in my mates Mitsubishi Evo 6. By far the best of the Evos too & the one I'd most want in my life.

But this was no ordinary Evo 6? Oh no! This one has under my mates ownership, been turned from a standard Evo 6, into a road going race car! The seats are buckets with full harnesses, there's a roll cage & carbon fibre everywhere! Standard race car stuff. And it weighed nothing which was a bonus for acceleration.

Unfortunately, I'm kind of fat. Fortunately, I got in (and out again) without any harm & the harnesses fit around me like a treat & I felt pretty comfortable inside too! Then it was time for the drive, IT WAS LIKE A ROCKET!! I was getting more & more giddy every time we accelerated (thankfully not breaking the speed limit officer) & it handled well too thanks to all the modifications done to the suspension & tyres ETC. Sadly it was only a short ride. But one I really, really enjoyed. Maybe next time, we should go round a track to see what this baby's really made of!

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  • We went out for a blat on Sunday afternoon, I took the M3, another friend took his Caterham and Rob was in the Evo. That thing is nuts, you hear the turbo's spool up and then a very aggressive evo appears in your mirrors! :D

    2 years ago


Do you think you're as good as the trio?
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