What's next for BMW?

What's 'NEXT'... see what I did there? That's because this is the BMW iNext. Sorry. Anyway, dad jokes aside, I'm curious to know what you think. BMW is currently busy introducing a whole range of cars with a mega grille that no one seems to like but everyone seems to buy and this is their latest idea for the (electric) future. What we do think?

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Comments (7)

  • I can only pray that thing never sees production. What is BMW thinking?

      20 days ago
  • I'm rather afraid that BMW will file for bankruptcy in the not so distant future. As Boris would say, they are spaffing millions on plain garbage. Hideous styling and dead-end technologies. You can't spend your capital twice if you pick a loser I'm afraid. One hopes the brand lives on under new ownership, but the truth is that an awful lot of big household names in the auto industry will disappear... and not just the final-product manufacturers either.

      22 days ago
    • nah they won't. They're actually doing pretty well on that front

        22 days ago
    • On the surface, yes. Beneath the surface, very far from it. I do not relish the loss of BMW, their ugly styling can be changed relatively cheaply at least. What cannot be changed cheaply at all, is their multi-drive-train platform. The...

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        21 days ago
  • Redesign of that hideous face only a blind mother could love.

      24 days ago
  • Well ter grille looks out of place but for the rest of the car the cockpit looks like an office desk but overall looks ok

      24 days ago


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