What's next for Ferrari V12's?

What will Ferrari do to improve the engine for their upcoming GT car?

2y ago

After the launching of the Ferrari 812 superfast , many people claim it's going to be the last of the naturally aspirated V12s. Well , is this true; I guess we will only find out in the future but what are the possibilities.

The most common answer which most people say might happen is for ferrari to make twin- turbo V12s . Even though it might sound possible , I don't think Ferrari will put twin-turbos because for many people , a Ferrari V12 is all about the sound it makes , the excitement that builds up when you hear it rev and adding a turbo would not be able to achieve this.

Then the next solution would be a hybrid V12 , you get the sound and at the same time you get more POWAA!! This is more likely to happen as we all know the Laferrari comes with one and it sounds beautiful.

Or maybe Ferrari would stay true to themselves and continue using a naturally aspirated V12. This could be possible too, because Ferrari have a naturally aspirate 6.3l V12 that is capable of producing 860HP compaed to the 789HP that comes out of the 6.5l of the 812 superfast. This 860HP engine is used in the FXX Evoluzione and the FXX-k. Maybe Ferrari could improve that engine and use it for the next car. Plus the Monza SP1 comes with 820HP so I guess we can have another generation of Ferrari V12 GT cars with a naturally aspirated V12.

This is what I think. Let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

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