W​hat's next for my E30?

T​oday, I talk about what's in store for the future of my E30 project car

20w ago

I​ have owned my 1989 BMW 325i for about a year and a half now, and I've given up on the rather risky idea of daily driving this thirty year old airbag-less European tin can. However, the topic of getting a newer daily driver is another discussion for another article. Lets focus on the E30 for a bit...

P​art 1: Just make it work...

F​or starters, the broken things... The wiring in the gauge cluster is trashed. The gauges work if you ask them nicely, maybe. The steering rack leaks fluid all over my garage floor. It needs an alignment, new tires and other small maintenance jobs that I'm probably forgetting to list. As far as project cars go though, I really don't have too much to fix. After I do these jobs, my E30 will be fully roadworthy. Roadworthy doesn't mean complete though...

P​art 2: Make it shine!

I​t's a little rough around the edges...

I​t's a little rough around the edges...

T​he car's previous owner blacked out the window trim and bumpers with tacky plasti-dip. This was the least of my complaints since the car basically paid for itself in aftermarket parts and an engine swap. However, as I've spent more time with the car, the matte black trim has began to peel badly. I never liked it in the first place, but it absolutely needs to go now.

P​art 3: New wheels.

E​SM 001s on an E30.

E​SM 001s on an E30.

T​he big cherry on top of all my aesthetic improvements. Right now I have my eyes on a set of ESM 001s. I like the TSW wheels I have on my E30 right now, but they seem too modern looking for my taste. The ESMs seem more suited to an 80s car in my opinion.

P​art 4: Intense sucking

R​HD engineering M50 ITB Kit

R​HD engineering M50 ITB Kit

L​astly, id like to put individual throttle bodies on my E30. Despite people telling me I could turbocharge my E30 and have 350 thorepower easily, I've decided to keep my car naturally aspirated, mainly because I'm not interested in crashing it or blowing it up. ITBs look beautiful, and the induction noises are awesome. Just have a listen... youtu.be/dwzeiCvJmNw

A​fter all this, I would consider my E30 done.

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  • Fix it and enjoy it. E30, especially 6-cylinder are such a great, fun cars. Even better if it's manual.

      4 months ago