What´s Next? Starring Richard Hammond

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CEO Tex Gunning: "LeasePlan has been delivering cars-as-a-service for the past 50 years so we are exceptionally well positioned to deliver 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere'. I'm therefore delighted to be launching with Richard Hammond our global What's next campaign, which underlines our aspiration to provide the latest in mobility via a fully flexible 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere' service."

To deliver 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere', LeasePlan also announced its 'Digital Power of One LeasePlan' strategy. Tex Gunning: "The Digital Power of One LeasePlan' is a very exciting opportunity for LeasePlan. The strategy leverages the latest digital intelligence technologies to bring our company from the analogue world into the digital world and make LeasePlan's aspiration of 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere' a reality via best-in-class digital services at best-in-class cost levels. Our growing digital capabilities will also enable us to create a whole new direct-to-consumer approach for the 300,000 high-quality cars that are returned to us every year. This is a very exciting new opportunity for LeasePlan."

Launched today, the heart of LeasePlan's What's next campaign is a 3-minute 'mission' film featuring Top Gear and The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond. The What's next campaign also introduces a number of innovative new propositions targeted the company's customers in the corporate, SME and private segments. These include a 'Click & Drive' offering for the fast-growing SME segment, as well as an end-to-end electric vehicle proposition for corporate customers based in Europe - the first product of its kind.

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  • Amazingly, incredibly, great, fantastic, it is very interesting...!

    I really want this in the future

    And the family of the orange lego-car, which go with mother, daughter and son, it was necessary to let everyone see your own design and this car must move in individual for everybody design, but it must be the one car. If it be so, everyone will be happy!

    Can Hammond not many out there running? I hope so. ...Of course he should be pitied!

    What opportunities can you see in this video! I wish them victory in the contest advertisements!

    And dream of a show about such fantasies after the Grand Tour with all three!

    1 year ago
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  • I thought Richard was told not to run by his doctor? Perhaps invading alien tripods are a mitigating circumstance. Anyway, he sounds very excited about self-driving cars, electromobiles and JIT lease where you spend 30 minutes pairing your 'phone, yet again, to the Bluetooth because it's not your car. For those of us for whom the journey and personal space is more important than the destination, though, progress is simply taking the best of what you have. And ruining it.

    1 year ago


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