What's Pendulum teasing?

The band have posted a short teaser video with a date on their social media

38w ago

As you may already have seen and heard, Australian-British rock/metal/drum n bass/EDM crossover band Pendulum have fully returned to the scene with two brand new songs "Driver" and "Nothing For Free", as well as being confirmed to be doing a load of shows on the festival circuit next year. That doesn't seem to be all they're giving us though, as the band just uploaded a cryptic teaser today via their social media:

Whilst there isn't a lot of information here, there is a date (2nd October 2020), a brief glimpse of a location that looks like the Solent Forts and what looks like a short glimpse of a mental concert-style lighting and stage setup. Could they be planning a socially-distanced gig on the forts? Is it going to be a live-streamed affair held either for free via YouTube or Twitch or behind a paywall using a platform like StageIt? Maybe they've already filmed it and will release it to the world on that day? I guess we'll have to wait and see, but for now all we know is that they're up to something that looks like it'll be very, very cool.

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  • On reading the headline in isolation, I did wonder whether you were talking about a new form of sexual perversion!

      8 months ago
  • Yesssss

      8 months ago