What's quicker - a wheel setup or a controller?

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You could say that when it comes to sim racing, people are only taken seriously if they're racing and setting times with a full racing setup. That means a proper racing seat, steering wheel, pedals and preferably a manual shifter. Essentially, unless you're sitting in an environment that's as close to a physical car as possible, don't bother bragging about any sick overtakes or scintillating hot laps.

Then again, if you follow the latest news in sim racing, you'll know that the recent WRC eSports Grand Final was won by a French teenager known as TX3_NEXL, despite using a PS4 controller instead of a wheel/pedal setup.

Now this is a proper setup...

To confront what is a seriously fragile argument in the sim racing community, YouTuber Charlie Rosco decided to put his own skills to the test by setting times around Bathurst on Gran Turismo Sport with both a controller and his normal gaming setup.

Although the times were scarily close, he does manage to set a slightly faster lap using a wheel and pedals, concluding that the force feedback through the wheels makes for a much more intuitive and natural driving experience. The controller may have progressive buttons for braking and acceleration but sadly it lets itself down in the steering feel department, with inputs being overly sharp and rescuing the dignity of a wheel setup.

What are your opinions on sim racing with a controller? Do you think people should be allowed to enter a championship with prize money at stake if they are simply toggling with their thumbs? Comment with your thoughts below!

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  • I’ve never spent enough to get a decent setup. You need a lot of space too! I’d like a better rig but it’s controllers all the way me at the moment

    9 months ago
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  • Wheel setup

    9 months ago


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