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When you ask someone about why isn't he watching Formula 1 or any kind of motorsport, the most usual answer is "I'm not interested in" or "It's so boring that I fall asleep on it". Well, World Rallycross is not that kind of motorsport. Let's see what makes it a great category!

First of all, the rules are just seem to be complicated, but they are actually very well-invented and fair. To explain it, let's watch a short video from the official World RX You Tube channel.

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©FIA World Rallycross Championship, YouTube

Let's move on to cars. Unlike other categories, in WRX there are many different manufacturers: Audi, Citroen, Ford, Peugeot, Seat, Volkswagen, and Mini. And not just this fact makes the things interesting. Those World RX Supercars are really supercars. 0-60 mph: under 2 seconds! 600 bhp, 2,000cc turbocharged engines, four-wheel drive! All you need for epic races!

And who drives those cars? You should be asking. Well, just some of the current best racing drivers. I'm not joking. Just to mention the most popular ones: Petter Solberg, the World Rally Champion of 2003 and World RX Champion of 2014&15. Mattias Ekström, 2 times DTM champion, touring car legend, this year's World RX champ. Sebastien Loeb, 9 times World Rally Champion. And Ken Block, Gymkhana star. And of course there are also many great talents like the Hansen brothers, Timmy and Kevin, Andreas Bakkerud, Johan Kristoffersson, Kevin Eriksson, and more.

What makes World RX a great motorsport to follow? ©FIA World Rallycross Championship

In nutshell, these are the things why World RX is as great as it is. There are many-many 4 or 6 lap races, which are short, but because of that, there is a lot of action on the track. Many overtakes, tackles, and don't forget, everyone has to go for a joker lap once. The drivers are always fighting for positions and give their best, so it's not like Formula 1, where they are saving the engine and look after tyres and the fuel consumption.

"The drivers are always fighting for positions and give their best, so it's not like Formula 1, where they are saving the engine and look after the tyres and the fuel consumption."

Dániel Móré

This is what you need to expect from a race:

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©FIA World Rallycross Championship, YouTube

So it's not a suprise, that both Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are on a quite positive opinion on the sport as well.

“We have to say... rallycross is brilliant!”

Jeremy Clarkson

“It is - it’s fabulous to watch because from the start line to the finish line, the drivers drive as fast as they can.”

Richard Hammond

Even Captain Slow has taken part in a World RX race. The film was broadcasted in the very last proper Top Gear episode, S22E07. And he enjoyed very much as well!

Unfortunately not many people know or follow World RX (despite it's a FIA category), so with my tribe my goal is to popularize it.

So Dear Readers, follow World RX, I guarantee you will immediately fall in love with it!

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