What's the best - and worst - Uber you've ever had?

COOL CAR is one of the Uber compliments, thank goodness

17w ago

DriveTriber Ferdi Kamphuis was the first to know my secret - I’m here, working for a car platform… and I’ve never owned a car.

Sure, I’m licensed and I’ve driven them, but as someone who works from home and loves his money in the bank, not getting smoked in needless rego, and who doesn’t like finding parks in the city, or having to abstain from whiskey at the barber because my BAC limit is 0.000, it makes far more sense for me to be a serial Uberer. And so I am. I’d be Platinum status by this point, except I forgot my account password one day and now I’ve got two Gold accounts on two different devices. Anyway.

Hence I’ve experienced a lot of Ubers - from the mainly Merc E-Class-powered Premier service in the centre of Melbourne (because it was there), to Camrys with free mints, to various forgettable Nissans with scummy seat covers. I’ve met drivers who were owners of tech firms struggling during Covid, drivers who doubled as chefs by night, drivers who had my favourite songs on their playlists, drivers who needed new deodorant recommendations - in short, it’s been fun and devastatingly convenient. Mostly the latter.

Perhaps you’re not as much of a deadbeat so-called car enthusiast as I am, but I’m fair sure everyone’s been in the back of an Uber (as an Australian, I’m supposed to sit in the front with the driver, but Covid has killed that). And I’m sure one or two rides were memorable - for good or bad.

For me, both were Premier rides.

The best was a 2017 Lexus LS 500. The guy had picked it over the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series- you know, the obvious choices - because he felt Lexus had that less stylish but better quality edge. I didn’t argue, and the point is it was fresh, had privacy blinds so no one could see the fool within, and an in-seat massage. Which you have to turn up to 11 before it becomes something more discernible than a distant whirring.

That is my foot

That is my foot

The worst? It was a Merc E-Class wagon. I was looking forward to it, but then I was expecting something nicer than a blinged-up Mercedes with junk, decorations, and a sickly smell inside. I actually spent the trip with the window wide open, and that’s not fun when you’re doing 80km/h and your hair gel… actually I won’t finish that because it sounds ridiculous.

Anyway, I put it to you - what’s the best and worst Uber ride you've had? Just to keep it nice for the latter, don’t mention names.

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  • Ehhh...best is a Suzuki Swift. Worse is a Suzuki Swift. Yeahh...not a lot of options here in India.

      4 months ago
  • I’ve never ven to oovoo javer

      4 months ago
  • I’ve never used Uber...

      4 months ago
  • Best some lexus with massage seats. Worst man just divorced on the phone there and then

      4 months ago
  • Once had a brand-new M5 Competition... idk how that happened but whatever.

    Worst one was a Prius with had a broken rear passenger-side door...

      4 months ago