What's the Best BMW ever made?

I'm talking "all-time" and yes, let the debates begin!

This year the brand we all love or love to hate turned 100. It's a special occasion by all means and it got me wondering: what's the best BMW ever made? Of course, this question has been asked and answered a hundred times before but I wanted to get the pulse of everyone out there once again.

Now I need to point out that while answering you'll need to take some things into consideration. I'm not asking which BMW has the best driving feel or which one has the most technology or the best engine. I'm asking which one has the best all-round package. That means you should be having fun with it, be great to drive but also offer a decent amount of technology, tech without which you couldn't live. For example, we all love the BMW 3.0 CSL but living with one today would be hell, without heated seats during winter or proper AC or power steering, right? For me, it would be, at the very least.

Therefore, I'm asking which BMW is the best of all time and no, pricing shouldn't be an issue. This is an imagination exercise after all.

PS: there's no wrong answer here, to each his own!

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Comments (11)

  • E38 or E39 fiddled by Alpina unless you want a manual then a E34 540i6

      4 years ago
  • There's been many different approaches taken to design, engines and driving feel by various BMWs over the years so its difficult to sum all that up in one model. The E30 M3 was fantastic, but perhaps a little too hardcore for typical road users. The E46 M3 was brilliant too, and there were some great non-M cars such as the 335i/335d and Z4 series. For what its worth, my money is on the E39 M5 - to me, it offers the greatest mixture of practicality, elegance, build quality and power, all tied up in a comprehensive chassis/engine/suspension package which satisfies the BMW tagline of 'Ultimate Driving Machine'. Faster and more tech equipped cars have come and gone, but few maintain the same perfect balance the E39 did.

      4 years ago
  • The E39 M5 would be one of my choices along with the E46 M3. They are brilliant in design (I think the design of the two will be timeless), have plenty of performance and just the right amount of tech: hydraulic steering, ABS, climate control that's actually good, and you can have modern tech inside them that will make your life easier such as a good navigation/multimedia system and bluetooth among others. Of course, you can have this on older cars as well, but you may have to modify them quite extensively. On the E39 and E46 platforms, that's not the case, plenty of plug and play possibilities.

      4 years ago
  • As an around car definitely E39 M5

      4 years ago
  • Oh gosh, what about the e46 M3 CSL?

      4 years ago