What's the course like after a few weeks?

So we have had several drawing tasks and assignments now as well as beginning to learn some photoshop.

We have worked on one point perspective, drawing a horizon line and single vanishing point before drawing a side view of the car and then adding dimension with lines feeding into the vanishing point.

As well as this there have been 'copycat' tasks in which we have to trace over certain cars in order to help teach us about proportions of common car shapes, for example hatchbacks, saloons etc... (The header image is one of these of an Audi A6)

The Photoshop is mostly beyond me at the moment but is gradually getting easier and I hope I will be able to use it well enough to be able to produce some stuff on there in the next few months.

This week we are going to begin some marker renderings to further develop our sketches and to add depth and dimension to our drawings.

Thank you very much for reading this article, more updates on my progress coming soon to this tribe!

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