T​his probably falls under the pet peeve section for all of us, and there's a good reason why. There is absolutely no use in doing this. You know the people I'm talking about. The people who are chronic horn tooters. If you're at a light for too long when it changes to green, there's always someone behind you that will lean on it, holding it down until you move. Or you'll have some numpty in a giant pick up truck tailingating you because you aren't going fast enough for them, and they will continuously blast the horn until you move out of their way.

O​ne of two reactions will occur if this happens: They will ignore you and carry on, which will make the bully in the pickup truck angry, or the driver being honked at will engage him and honk back and start a horning match.

Another one of my favourites is when impatient drivers do it to driving school vehicles, which I find rather comical because you can tell a lot about a driver that way. Driving instructors are teaching that particular individual to obey the law and the speed limits. Clearly the driver who is blaring the horn at them does not, under any circumstances, follow the law.

M​oving to slowly? HONK. Cars braking too hard? HOOONNK. Truck cutting you off on a slow moving highway? HOOOOOONK.

A​s annoying as this is for everyone, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Why? Because it can cause an accident. Especially for an unsuspecting driver, or can cause an argument. Let's say the person beside you is being an idiot and tries cutting you off, but the person in front of you is a hot-headed gym buff who's having a bad day, and thinks, for some reason, that you're doing it to him and decides to get out of his car and yell at you. Roadrage central. And what happens if some elderly driver becomes startled? They could cause an accident. I've seen it happen firsthand. And, in some states, is against the law.

C​ertain countries may have a noise pollution law which prohibits loud, incessant honking at certain times of the day in residential and rural areas. Breaking these set laws can result in fines, tickets, and removal of demerit points.

T​his particular device was installed for the safety of the driver, and the other drivers on the road as a form of communication. We can let other drivers know that they are in the wrong, and to get their attention. Not because you want to let your frustration out on everyone that gets in the way. If you're in a bad mood, have no patience, or are generally upset, then you shouldn't be driving. Not only does that affect your driving ability, but you're going to be forever classified as "that idiot on the road" or some other, more colourful form of the term.

S​o please, stop honking your horn unneccsarily. It's incredibly annoying and rather pointless. It is not an anger management tool. In other words, using your car horn in frustration causes the exact opposite of its intended effect. So when in doubt, lay off the horn!

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