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W​hat's the highest mileage car you've ever driven?

C​ars that refuse to give up

9w ago

F​ew months ago, I wrote an article about a Greek taxi driver that covered over 4 million km in his old diesel Benz. When you think about it, in this age of super-hyper anything, aren't real supercars those that just keep working and get you through your routines 24-7, without ever complaining?

I​'d like to hear if you have ever driven a car with significant mileage done?

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  • My prior vehicle, Dora the Explorer had +/- 250k miles when she retired. 🙂

      2 months ago
    • Hahahahahahahaha, Dora the Explorer :) :) :) Haven't laughed at something like this for a long time on DT.

      Was the Dora V6 or V8?

        2 months ago
    • The 4.0L V6, and just rear-wheel drive. She was not exempt from some of the issues that plagued her generation but she was a tough old broad.

        2 months ago
  • I've had a Volvo that was well over 500k kilometres. It's still running trouble-free, years on. Just not in my hands anymore. But the previous owner, me and the next owner, all taken good care of the car.

      2 months ago
  • My 96' Suburban has 320k miles or about 514k km on it

      2 months ago
  • I had an 85 325e with 203,000 on the odo when I traded it. My Camry has 156,000. I put 100,000 on my first car in 3 years. I've never owned a new car - by choice. The newest had 10k on it when I got it. Second newest had 65k. Most of the cars I have ever owned have had over 100k. If they didn't they did when I was done with em. Times have changed for me though. I have put less than an oil change per year the last three years of ownership. Disabled.

    *None of them were US cars or trucks with one exception a 78 GMC Sierra Grande. And that had a rebuilt motor.

      2 months ago
  • It was around 1982 when I worked for a courier company. There was one car, a Volvo Station 240Diesel, that drove almost 1000 km. per day. Two times per day from Rotterdam to Schiphol Airport and from there to Bruxxels where it returned to Rotterdam. The car didn't had the chance to cool down, because when it arrived back late at night it was almost time for the morning crew to start working.

    When the car was sold it had over 750.000 km on the ODO.

      2 months ago