What's the highest mileage you've ever had on a car?

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Last year I wrote a piece on being part of the mile high club. Before you get hot under the collar, I’m talking about owning a car that reached the special 200,000 miles on the odometer club.

The response was fantastic from you guys with loads of you regaling stories of your highest mileage cars and what they meant to you. I’ve made it no secret that I am a huge fan of a workhorse car as I grew up with a Peugeot 405 estate with 180,000 miles on the clock among other everyday hero cars.

The biggest surprise to me was that there was a considerable amount of you that considered 200,000 miles to not be that big of an achievement. I was greeted by livid Americans with Chevy trucks that had been to the moon and back on one tank of gas. I had Australians telling me of their Falcon had discovered Pluto and got back with half a tank left. So, I’ll admit I may have misjudged how impressive 200,000 miles is.

Here are a few of the messages blowing my car out the water:

This is your chance to let me know what the most miles/km you’ve had on your car in the comments. Bonus points if you can post a picture of your car in the comments, double bonus if you can post a picture of the odometer.

If you are going to make bold claims of a 500,000 miles car, can you post picture as proof if possible!

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  • My Grandpa put 1.4 million kilometres on his 1979 Holden Kingswood between 1980 and 2015

    22 days ago
  • Sorry for no pics, but AE-92 Liftback Corolla with 4A-FE 1.6l inline 4 engine was the car and it survived 702 983km. Until one cold winter morning it didn't start. So I towed it into a small warm garage. Next day I tried everything to get it going again, but nothing happened. After compression test, the results were indicating that the engine was badly worn out.

    Yesterday I tried to put some oil through sparkplug holes to give a better seal for the pistons. And I managed to revive it. But dyno tests that my friend performed showed that the engine had about 54hp left.

    In theory the car isn't dead. But let's count it dead since getting it started requires advanced methods.

    28 days ago


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