What's the most beautiful car ever made?

Everyone's got an opinion on this, so come and share what you think is the most beautiful car ever made...

2y ago

I’ve long championed aesthetics as the most subjective automotive element, because they’re the one thing that everyone blessed with the gift of sight can have a valid opinion on. Therefore, trying to actively construe what the most beautiful car ever made is must surely be a folly? Or is it?

A brief flick through the pages of history brings up some excellent candidates. For a start, there’s the Jaguar E-Type - a machine that Enzo Ferrari himself declared as the most beautiful car in the world. Then, there’s Ferrari’s very own 250 GTO: a classic as famous, and as rare as a unicorn - yet somehow, even more enchanting.

Also in Italy’s corner, you have the Lamborghini Miura - a car that can capture your heart through your eyes as it blasts on by, only to never return it through virtue of its beauty. And back on the British Isles, you have Aston’s forever legendary DB5 - which can inspire dehydrating amounts of drool to flood out of everyone who gazes at it.

Having tackled this subject before in a not-at-all-controversial blog (if you can sense sarcasm there, give yourself a cookie), I listed what were the top 15 most beautiful cars in the worlds through my eyes. At number 1, I placed the recently defunct Aston Martin V8 Vantage - and I haven’t changed my opinion.

Also listed amongst the 15 was a curious little gem called the Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 Disco Volante Spider - which I have been lucky enough to see in person with my very own eyes. We often hear of journalists describing the aesthetics of cars as making you go “weak at the knees” - and it was upon approaching the C52 that I first realised this statement wasn’t merely a load of exaggerative journalist bollocks.

Its looks transmitted to me a feeling that made my heart flutter like a butterfly, which in turn weakened all the muscles in my body. My legs began to surrender to the allure of what lay in front of them, and the pressure began to increase on my knee joints. It was like I had been overcome by a Class A Aphrodisiac, as my entire being clung on to consciousness on the edge of hypnosis.

But those are merely a few suggestions for you guys to wander through. Now, it’s time for me to throw the question back to you: what do YOU think is the most beautiful car ever made? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

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