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What's the most hated car in the world?

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It’s time to vent your rage out onto the internet, and answer an all-important question: what’s the most hated car in the world? For whatever reason you want to attach to the emotion of hatred itself, it isn’t as important as the fact that you feel like it in the first place.

From my perspective, there are many worthy contenders for this title - one of the most prolific being the car I’ve used in the banner: the Toyota Prius. Driven by idiots who couldn’t care less about cars, it feels like it was created as a parasite to suck the joy and happiness out of everyone’s day.

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Then, there’s the Nissan Juke. With a face that looks like it’s in the middle of being executed on an electric chair, the Juke is one of the ugliest cars people come across on a daily basis. Not to mention that it drives like a damp turd, and is typically driven in a manner consistent with idiots.

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And then, how could we possibly forget the one, the only: G-Wiz! While it may not officially be a car, that doesn’t stop people from finding it utterly hateful! Whenever you see one of these things being driven around the city streets of London, you get the impression that it is directly disturbing the busy lives of thousands of people with its incredible shitness.

But to emphasise back upon the question we initially asked: what DO YOU guys think is the most hated car in the world? Let me know by voting below, and be sure to add a comment.

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