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Over the past year we have attended many shows, events and off course London many, many times. We have seen some of the worlds best cars such as the Pagani Zonda, the Ferrari 250 GTO and a lot of Bugatti veyrons. Seeing as though we are approaching new year we thought today we would discuss our plans for the coming year, 2017!

A 250 SWB from concours d'elegance

A 250 SWB from concours d'elegance

First of all... The articles. There will hopefully be two every week and maybe an additional one on the weekend if we go to London or a event. Although it is only me writing at the moment I hope to get Paolo and Max involved too.

The photo quality will also be getting better. I wish to upgrade my Nikon D3200 to the Nikon D610. Paolo will also be getting a Nikon D5500, therefore adding to the photos and content. Its unlikely that we will be doing as many videos however if we do then they will of something well worth watching.

But, this year is not over yet and we still have many things to look forward to. Icons on the lake on the 18th of December, London and a shoot with an Aston martin db9. We hope you have enjoyed our content so far, But things are only getting better. And trust me. They are!

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  • Maybe host a little meet or something as well to find new people that might have links in other communities to get photos and coverage of cars from different scenes?

    I've got a classic mini and our club has an awesome range of cars, from rear engined rwd vtec monsters to supercharged freshly restored classics and hayabusa engined track machines all driver to all of our meets (in dorking)

      4 years ago